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How Airbnb responses to Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus become an evolving challenge for tourism. To minimize the spread of coronavirus, Airbnb has launched an announcement that allowing travelers who book from March 14 until April 14 to receive full reimbursement. According to the research, after the announcement they made, Landlords in states such as Florida, California, and Utah told that they were losing thousands of dollars on bookings. 

Besides, for helping the people who are in the first line, Airbnb has launched a program. They provide free subsidized housing for the first line people like healthcare professionals, relief workers, and first responders, so they can get to their work faster. To ensure the program, Airbnb is working with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps and other nonprofit organizations to help their first responders. The Co-founder Joe Gebbia of Airbnb has responded that “Medical workers and first responders are providing lifesaving support during the coronavirus outbreak and we want to help”. In this case, they find the hosts who are willing to offer their homes to provide subsidized housing. According to the data, there are already 6,000 hosts across both Italy and France that have already offered their homes.


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