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How Coronavirus impacted Hawaii’s tourism

-The article I read talks about how Hawaii has been dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, and how the tourism industry in the state has been suffering as a whole, due to them blocking the entry of most people into the state, as the average daily arrivals went from 30k to a few hundreds. Most of them are returning residents.  Tourism is the largest economic sector of Hawaii. accounting for ⅓ of all it;s employees. As of now about 225,000 Hawaii residents are now unemployed, and the state is one of the highest in terms of unemployment rate.

 However, Hawaii seems to be doing well in terms of controlling the spread of the virus, as the state has one of the lowest infection and morality rates in the US. There are about 600 confirmed cases, and only 17 deaths from the virus.  Although Hawaii being separated from other states  by over 2000 miles gives them a major advantage, the government officials have been making major steps to limit the spread of the disease. Hawaii became the first state to mandate a 2 week long quarantine to travelers, and other states began to follow suit. The state is very strict with the quiarintine, as when travelers come off the plane, they’re forced to give the airport officials the address they will be quarintining at, and their cell phone number. If the number doesn’t ring in front of the official, then the traveler would be turned over to the police. Also, breaking quarantine can lead to a hefty fine, or up to a year in jail.

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