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How Coronavirus Will Change The Aviation Industry and the Way We Fly

How do we think the aviation will change when emerging from the fall-out of the COVID-19 pandmendic?

In an article written by Bloomberg, they addressed this question.

There will most definitely be a seismic shift in the world’s airlines to re-evaluate how they operate and how things will look post the crisis. Already we see eerily empty airports, patrons in masks, and social distancing for those who choose to take the risks and avoid safety recommendations.  

The Delta Airlines CEO, Ed Bastian says that “We should be prepared for a choppy and sluggish recovery even after the virus is contained” he estimates that this recovery period could take up to 2 to 3 years.  

Seat capacity has dropped by more than 70% since January for airlines and there is no way of knowing the point when people will be willing to pack themselves on to enclosed cabins again. Though in an International Air Transport Association survey it was polled that 40% of travelers anticipated waiting at least 6 months after the virus was contained before they were willing to fly again. 

Many airlines are planning on keeping the middle seats of their flights empty, at least initially, to reassure customers about personal spacing. At Korean Airlines Co. cabin crew now are equipped with goggles, masks, gloves, and protective gowns.

There is a concern that customers will be put off by health-related entry rules that may be different from country to country, especially during the uneven opening process. Similar to airport security for terrorism, following this pandemic, travelers can be subject to temperature checks and may need health certificates to fly.   

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