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How COVID-19 affect the tourism industry?

Based on the World Economic Forum, the world travel and tourism council have warned the COVID-19 pandemic could cut 50 million jobs worldwide in the travel and tourism industry. Also, Asia is expected to be the worst effect because Asia is the first country that is affected by COVID-19. However, once the outbreak is over, it could take more than 10 months for the industry to recover. Based on the news, we can know the United States already closed the border of Canada and the United States and the united states prohibition of entry to China by people who have been to China in the past 14 days. For example, there has 2.9 million Chinese travelers visited the United States in 2018 based on data from the National Travel and Tourism office. It shows that the tourism industry will lose a lot from Chinese traveling. Some tourism industry also provides the visa service for some travelers. At that time, the visa service is hard to provide and the industry will lose tons of profits also. In addition, airline and cruise ships were currently being more impacted than hotels. Otherwise, the European tourism industry alone is said to experience an estimated financial loss of roughly €1 billion per month.

Overall, we can learn that COVID-19 will cause the tourism industry to lose tons of profit and jobs from two examples I gave. However, it not only can cause loss of industry but also will cause some small industry to face the risk of bankruptcy. Some workers will lose their job also regrading to this satiation, and it will decrease the GDP of a country. By the way, it will affect each country’s economy also because some people’s income was decreased, and the company’s income will be decreased also.

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