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How Global is Globalization? (Sadim Khan)

It’s surprising to realize all the products and services that I have access to because of globalization. For instance, my Samsung laptop that I use came from South Korea, the fresh mangos I eat were imported from Mexico, and the Honda Civic I drive was manufactured in the United Kingdom were a result of globalization. The best example of globalization in my daily life is online marketplaces like Alibaba, where I can purchase a range of products from different geological locations very quickly. All these products and services that I use affect the way I interact within my daily life.

Not only has globalization impacted my life, but it has also affected my extended family purchases. My extended family likes buying a wide variety of coffee beans from Starbucks that come from different parts of South America. They also like buying new foreign cars such as Volkswagen and Nissan. These purchases that my extended family makes are a result of businesses making themselves global, which allows me and my extended family to want to spend more since these products have become easily accessible.

Globalization has been good for the US until recently. With the recent actions taken by the US government, such as not signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement last year, this it will harm US businesses globally. Some might disagree with globalization by citing the massive car manufacturer job loss in the Midwest. However, those jobs losses were a result of automation rather than globalization. To reverse globalization now would hinder the success and future that the US has with other countries. Look at countries with limited access to globalization such as North Korea. If they were more global, then their economy might improve as well. (1)

(1) Carney, Matthew. North Korea must open up to improve economy and living standards, but China also stands to gain. ABC. ABC NEWS. Web Article. Jun 12, 2019.

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