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How Globalization Has Affected Me – Mahdi Malik

Globalization is present from when I wake up until I fall asleep, whether I notice it or not. Nearly all the goods I consume were made overseas and were shipped here. The clothes I wear probably come from Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh. Nearly all the plastic products I use originated in China and are currently being mass produced there. Products are being shipped and produced all over the world and through some profound means end up in my possession for me to use.

But it’s not just products I use, I’m the child of two immigrants, both from Pakistan, and we have merged two cultures, their own and Americas culture, to adapt and live a very unique lifestyle here. My father, a Pakistani man, came to America and served in the American army. During his service he would go to other countries to treat patients of other cultures and backgrounds during times of turmoil. This is an amazing example of what globalization is capable of however, on the flip side, my extended family that are still in Pakistan, cannot get visas to come to America because they only have Pakistan passports, an example of globalization not reaching a particular group just yet.

Seeing how deeply it has affected my upbringing, I think globalization has been amazing for the US. It allows us to be the diverse nation that we pride ourselves in being. It allows people from all different corners of the world to come to America and still feel at home because all the products that they have been using will still be available to them due to the magnitude of trade going on in the world. This has allowed our economy to expand exponentially because it brings foreign goods and immigrants to our lands.



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