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How High-Tech Clothes Could Be Your Next Doctor


I found an article about how a high-tech bra could be your next doctor. The article was written on CNN. Just like there is an industry for smart cars, and smart items, there has now been an industry for smart clothing. This particular clothing measures your heart and respiratory rate. By wearing this clothing, a person can be monitored 24/7 without ever having to go to the doctor.

The product is made of silver conductive yarns. These yarns are woven into the fabrics to act as ECGs and EMGs. The silver can be put into any close-fitting article of clothing. The closer to the skin the sensor is, the better signal and measurement. The person that wears the clothing has an app on their smart phone or tablet in which the signals are transmitted to. It has yet to be medically approved, but the company plans to have it in use by 2017.

The look that the company has for the clothing is a very sports-casual look. At first it was made for athletes, but is now for the general public. There are T-shirts, sports bras, and shorts that are in trial. The company is counting on Victoria’s Secret and Adidas among its clients.

In development are health vests that would be worn under regular clothing. There are also socks and compressions in the making.

This is like the consumer movement that we talked about in class. If Victoria’s Secret tries to sell this product, the consumers choice becomes more complicated. This also relates back to class when talking about product liability.

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