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How JetBlue is Becoming More Sustainable

JetBlue recently announced that they will be purchasing $1 billion worth of sustainable aviation fuel from a company called SG Preston. This announcement comes about a week after United Airlines announced that they will be purchasing $1.5 billion worth.

The fuel itself is made of cooking oil, animal fats, and other sustainable items. The JetBlue initial usage will be for flights out of NYC. Their program will begin in 2023 and run over a 10 year period. At the end of that period, their goal is to have the sustainable aviation fuel become 10% of all fuel that they use.

WHen the program starts, it will only be used on planes that fly out of JFK and La Guardia airports. They will be using a ratio of 30% sustainable fuel and 70% regular fuel for these flights.

Since this announcement, the Biden Administration has come out in support of sustainable aviation fuel, and that they want to increase the purchase of it across flights domestically.

Is this enough? Or should JetBlue and other airlines be trying to get a bigger portion of their fuel to be sustainable, considering how much revenue they bring in?

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