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Huawei Built a 5G Base Station within 3 Days

As 2020 gets on the track, the fifth generation of wireless technology is fully underway. In the current outbreak of severe coronavirus, Huawei supported the three major carriers in China, Mobile, Unicom, and Telecom (Wuhan branches) with more than 100 engineers and delivery personnel to set up a 5G base station at Wuhan’s Vulcan Mountain Hospital in less than three days (on Jan. 25, 2020 completed). The base station helps Vulcan Mountain Hospital achieve ultra-fast 5G network connection, and enables the hospital to carry out high-speed data Internet access, data collection, remote consultation, and remote monitoring services. It is not easy to open 5G in a blank space, which involves a series of construction processes such as network planning, exploration and construction, fiber optic laying, erection of base stations and debugging. The base station has a network speed of up to 40G/s.


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