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Hyperloop: a game changer

In July 2012, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk announced plans for a new fast mode of transportation. He called it the “fifth mode of transportation”. Later he coined the term “Hyperloop” for it because he envisioned that it would go in a loop at incredible speeds. Although most designs for it are train-like pods it does not use the same technology as regular trains. This revolutionary form of transportation is going to be using a tunnel like structure in which there would be a complete vacuum making it possible for the pod to achieve really high speeds at an economical cost.

A few companies such as TransPod are already targeting speeds around 1000 kmph or ~620 mph. That means the distance between London and Frankfurt can be accomplished in less than an hour, 40 minutes to be precise. This is a huge improvement as the fastest available train ride takes more than 5 hours! Adding in the factor that the design is open source, which means the platform is available for the public to contribute to, makes the Hyperloop a fast approaching reality with commercial models for pods expected to be completed by 2020. The project also has multiple national and international organizations contributing to the feasibility of the project around major cities. This means that wide adoption and integration of the project is a major possibility which might change the face of human transportation forever!

Below is a video of a test conducted by the Hyperloop-One team to demonstrate the platform’s capabilities:

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