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Impact of Artificial Intelligence

By: Abhishek Velayudham

Artificial intelligence is likely to disrupt many industries around the world and therefore, it’s important to make reasonable predictions so that we may be prepared. Although artificial intelligence is still in its infant stages, we are starting to see the impact already. The best way to analyze the impact of artificial intelligence in a short time would be to look at a specific example.For instance, let’s take a look at a company which is using AI for one of its core services. Ideal, a company focused on software solutions for recruiting, is a leader in its industry for screening applications (AI For Recruiting). They are using artificial intelligence to help automate the process of screening candidates. In real time, you can see the AI software parse through resumes as it tries to optimize for finding candidates that are likely to be hired. This seems like a great piece of technology and one that is likely to be loved by recruiters as they no longer have to go through the painstaking chore of reading resumes. However, there are some serious negatives to this technology as well. Amazon’s AI recruiting tool was recently found to have had a bias towards men when screening applications (Dastin, J). This is a major problem with artificial intelligence today as bias plays a huge role in the output of these AI models. The models were trained with existing data on which types of resumes led to successful candidates, which seems like a very intuitive way of training the model. However, the results showed that the bias that humans had in choosing candidates in the past years, when the tech workforce was primarily male dominated and not very open to women, had translated over to bias in the AI model. Since it’s not always clear how the AI model makes decisions, the bias problem was not found until after a while of being used. It’s different from traditional programs which have explicit instructions on how to behave. With this in mind, I hope that the future of AI innovations will come very thoughtful people making the right decisions in terms of providing benefits to humanity and not simply for profits.


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