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Globalization :- One Big Family

Posted by :- Abel Takele

My everyday life is continuously and highly impacted by globalization. Globalization is essentially the coming together of countries as one big global economy. It is the process of integration and interaction of these countries that allows them to share with ease of access products, technology, culture, information etc…

From the cloth I wear to the phone I use, the car I drive, the movies I watch almost everything that I interact with in my everyday life is a product of globalization. For instance, the products I use are either made from parts manufactured in another country or it might even be the case that it is exported from another country. The different kinds of food I eat, music I listen to and other cultural characteristics are also possible because globalization made them accessible for us to use.

I lived in Ethiopia for more than 15 years and the US for 6 years and I can say that globalization has impacted my near and extended family significantly. But one thing I can say is that the level of impact is not the same. As the US is a developed country and Ethiopia a developing country the impact is much higher in the prior than the latter. Back in Ethiopia, it was not as easy to get information, products or technology as the US but even in that case my near and extended families are exposed to different cultures, products and technology. For instance there are companies like H&M, KFC, DHL which are adopted from other countries but my near and extended families have access to and impact their everyday life.

      In the US globalization highly impacts the population because it is very easy to get information, products and also technology is more advanced which gives easy access to international business, cultures and products. According to globalisms.wordpress.com, “Globalization has spread American influence throughout the world. Globalization has opened up more markets for the United States, which in effect helps American companies sell their products worldwide”. This statement I think shows how globalization has been very good for the US and is one of the main reasons for the US as a powerful nation.


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