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Impact of Globalization

Jephthe Cadet

Globalization in simple terms is when business/organization develop an international structure regarding Capital, Labor, information, Goods, and services. Globalization influences a big part of my life, for example, the car that I currently drive is a 2009 Hyundai Elantra. As many people know Hyundai is not made in the US, the automobile company was found in South Korea but as a result of industry globalization, Hyundai has because of one of the major leaders in manufacturing automobile which as a result according to forbes.com their revenue is estimated around 88 billion dollars. We can definitely conclude that none of that would be possible without the increase globalizations by major countries like the US, France, and China. The way that globalization impacts my family directly is by the things they buy to the grocery store. My parents are immigrants from Haiti so a lot of the food they eat doesn’t originate from the US. Globalization on a national level allows for products from different countries in the world to be sold in the States. So my parents still have the option of eating the same types of food from their homeland. Some may argue that globalization is not good for the US because it takes jobs away from citizens but in my opinion globalization allows for more competition. Competition is great for the market because it forces companies to evolve and innovate new things which are always great for consumers. Globalization also provides the opportunity to get Goods and services that wouldn’t be possible in the States. For example, there are particular fruits and vegetables that can only grow in certain parts of the world. Globalization allows the possibilities to buy these Goods.  

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