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Impact of Self-Driving Cars



  • One major technological innovation that I see on the horizon that has significant consequences for global society is the self driving cars in both beneficial and destructive ways . The self driving car is beneficial in the way that increases safety on the roads.  Mortality rates due to car accidents are very  high. By having self driving cars, the safety of people on roads is highly increased, mortalities due to drunk driving are eliminated, and the time taken to learn to drive is eliminated. Having self-driving cars allows for people that are blind or handicapped to still have the capabilities of transportation at their own convenience, and not have to rely on a service or people to help them reach their desired destinations. Parking is also a hassle for many people, as it is hard to park in tight spaces, but with self-driving cars that hassle is eliminated. Although there are many pros of self driving cars, there are also many cons to this major technological innovation. For one, the self driving cars will probably be very expensive to manufacture. The sensors are really expensive and the software can also be very expensive making them to be around 100,000 US dollars which is a lot for the average American. Moreover many jobs rely on the skillset of driving. Jobs like cab drivers , taxi drivers, bus drivers, and Ubers can easily be eliminated with the production of self driving cars. Also, people who teach driver education courses would also be at a loss of their jobs. Also the functioning of the sensors can be heavily deterred during inclement weather conditions making it unsafe to sit in a self driving car during inclement weather.  There could also be an increase of hackers due to hackers trying to hack the systems that the car run on making targeted murder easy.


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