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Industrial Innovations: Shockwave Farcking

By: Saeed Bazroon


In the last 20 years scientists have been busy trying to find a better solution to “Hydraulic Facking” to get shell gas from underground. Due to the negative consequences and safety concerns, fracking has become a controversial term. The innovation in the horizon “Shockwave Fracking”, will replace the usage of water as a fluid in the process. Super Wave Technology and Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, two companies based in India, are currently researching the potential of the technology to be used at depth of 1000-1500 meter underground. If the research proved the technology’s abilities, it will replace one of the most controversial processes in the industry. It will be positive economically for oil and gas companies, and safer for the towns around fracking stations.

The move to Shockwave will impact our daily-lives dramatically since fracking sites are developing rapidly and spreading almost all around the world. It will also impact the economy of the shale industry and improve it to be an alternative main source in the energy industry. Environmental effect will include the elimination of the returned contaminated fluid from the ground in the post-fracking process; it will also have less harmful effect on the lower ground stability. Economical effect will include the elimination of the usage of huge amount of liquid and other dangerous chemicals in the process. In addition, it will eliminate the cost of long piping channels and the cost of maintenance of the fracking station.

Currently, 70 to 140 billion gallons of water used to fracture 35,000 wells in the US each year. This number equals the amount of water supply of 40 to 80 cities with population of 500,000. The amount of different chemicals used annually is almost 330 tons, which is included in the contaminated returned water. In addition to the chemical contamination, the underground radioactivity is also affecting the returned water. These numbers will derive the innovation of Shockwave technology to thrive in the future and enhance a current process that has many negative side effects.




Indian company uses shock waves instead of fluid to frack shale




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