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Interesting Take on Huawei in the EU and US

According to CNN, the EU directed its member states to take steps to ensure their 5G networks but they did not ban Huawei outright. They told their member states to apply relevant restrictions for the suppliers that were considered to be a high risk. This marks the second time in the course of a few days that Europe has diverged from the zero-tolerance policy held by US. The UK even said they would allow Huawei a limited and highly regulated role in its 5G networks. The EU seemed like they wanted to take a hands-off approach which is in direct opposition of past laws like the GDPR, which is a data protection law. With Huawei’s allegations of corporate espionage and stealing intellectual property this seems odd. In terms of global corporate citizenship, the EU is failing. They need to take better measures to ensure that all of their member states are safe and operating ethically. 

Via: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/29/tech/european-union-5g-huawei/index.html

By: J. Kight

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