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International McDonald’s

Rohit Pathak

As you can see McDonald’s internationally varies. According to (https://www.worlddata.info/average-income.php)
the 3 countries are ranked 24 (New Zealand), 48 (Mexico), and 69 (India) by average income. This could be one of the biggest differences in the pricing gap of the BigMac. If a country is bringing in less money it will most definitely have a lower price on their menus. Otherwise nobody would want to buy or could afford their prices resulting in the shut down of the restaurant. The average meal follows the ranking of the average income. A meal in New Zealand is the most expensive, then Mexico, then India. Things that are similar are some of the common meals that can be eaten by people all throughout the three countries. Items include McChicken, chicken nuggets, and the majority of the breakfast items such as the egg biscuit. The differences are that some items have been added/altered. McDonald’s does a very good job being culturally sensitive to the countries. In the McDonald’s in India there are many items on the menu that are available for people there. There are very little people in India that eat beef but there are also many many vegetarians. In a typical McDonald’s here in the USA, the only options for vegetarians are fries or eating bread with lettuce and having the meat removed. But in India, there is no beef on the menu and there are options for vegetarians like the McVeggie meal. In India, they also have more options for vegetarians such as aloo and paneer. Aloo is potato and paneer is cheese so there are many more options for vegetarians. McDonald’s are most definitely culturally sensitive to the local customer. By adding more options and making it favorable to what the locals eat they are drawing in more business while being culturally sensitive. The biggest lesson learned from this McDonald’s is that by being adjustable to the locals we can show that we care about the customer and providing what they like that both the business and the customers will profit. There are many opportunities all throughout the world for business as we can see here. Some challenges one may run into is researching. We will have to research potential areas that will be available to provide business. If the area is very poor we will not expect to thrive. Once we have set on an area we will need to find out information about the locals. If it is a food business, we need to find out what they eat, what they don’t eat, and how we can adjust to what they eat. There is huge potential in taking business internationally and adjusting to locals.

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