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Internet of Things Kit

The Internet of Things is simply connecting devices, hardware products, softwares, sensors to one another through the use of the Internet. An example would be having your own personalized shower system in which has memorized your preference of shower temperature, shower head light, etc. Through technology, life is getting easier and governments & businesses are investing tons of money and patience for this.

There is a new Internet of Things system created for hardware hackers created by Arduino. Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronic projects. And what Arduino created was the ESLOV IoT Invention Kit which allows users to create IoT devices without technical experience by just piecing the modules together and connecting it to a device. ESLOV IoT Invention Kit has 25 modules which can create endless projects ranging from a smart thermostat to a baby monitor. This kit allows consumers to create their own products without having to go out and buy them. How will businesses react to the changing landscape of the IoT where consumers now have the ability to create products similar as to what companies have created today?

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