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Internet Providers Say No

Congress has recently passed a bill that allowed Internet providers to sell customer-browsing history to third parties. Your Internet privacy rights would essentially be stripped from you and sold to the highest bidder. Nothing you search would be kept private. In fact, your Internet privacy rights would create a business for your Internet provider. However, multiple major Internet providers have stated that they will not sell anyone’s browsing history to third parties. But how long until third parties offer a deal that your Internet provider could not pass up?

I am proud that several Internet providers said that they will not sell our browsing history, and because of this I support my Internet provider even more. I now realize that Internet providers can compete against each other if some start to sell your history. If I knew one company was selling my clients history, I would automatically choose a company that does not, even if I had slower Internet. My privacy is more important than a couple of seconds added onto my Internet speed.







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