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iPads over Textbooks – September 21 Newstalk

Have you ever bought your textbook, and then realize you can’t buy groceries for the next week? Have you ever bought your textbook, and then not use them? Well, students at Keystone College in Northeastern PA, don’t have to buy their textbooks anymore.

Students at Keystone College are receiving iPads with a digital copy of their textbooks loaded on them when they arrive on campus. The payment for tier textbooks and the iPads are built into their tuition. Keystone’s first year student tuition is $35,200 for the 2015-2016 school year. The WNEP (the local news station) article from August 21, 2015, quoted freshman who were very excited about the program. They said it took away the sticker shock and made it easier  to have everything in one place.

I was able to interview Olivia Peters, Business Administration ’19, about what she thought of the new program.  She very much likes and said that it makes her book bag a lot lighter,  “As a commuter, it is nice not to carry around a handful of heavy textbooks”.  Peters also explained to me how the program works, “You receive the iPad Air and it works like any other iPad Air.  You log into it with your Apple ID information, and then download the BryteWave app.  On the BryteWave app you plug in your Keystone ID and all of your textbooks are right there! After your first two years, you return your iPad and receive a new one that you are able to keep after you graduate.”

When asked about the “Greenness” of campus, she said that they are very eco-friendly, but she prefers to take notes in notebooks than through the pre downloaded Microsoft applications on her iPad. She did notice that most people do not use their iPad for notes though and utilize the time to go on social media sites.


All in all, Peters is excited about the new program and feels that it has been working very well, when the on-campus wifi works.  Will there be more colleges and universities to follow in Keystone’s footsteps?

Article used: http://wnep.com/2015/08/21/keystone-students-get-free-ipad-and-textbooks/

Interview: Olivia Peters. Personal Interview. 20 September 2015.

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