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Issues in the Secret Service

During the last summer, two incidents involving the officers of the secret service took place. These two officers were found asleep in their job’s position. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General did an investigation since they consider this issue not only affect the secret department image, but it also cause risky situations like when a man jump the fence of the white house and got inside the white house easily since the door was not locked. The officers involved in this incidents stated that they worked for long overtime hours under the sun and without access to water in addition to long trips they schedule to do. The Secret Service denied all these accusations and the ones that say that officers in their majority work shifts of 12 hours and in some cases for 13 consecutive days. In terms of the incidents the Secret Service said that those two officers had enough days off prior to the incident day, and both officers were referred for disciplinary actions.

Should these two officers be penalized for falling asleep during working hours or the long shifts and lack of rest are valid excuses?

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