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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Drone!

“Drones have managed to capture a major share of the commercial, personal goods, and military service markets”. Although a relatively new product into the market, drones have been making headlines and turning head due to its vast capabilities for the activities and services it can offer. I can buy my own drone and use it recreationally, large transportation and delivery companies, such as Amazon, are attempting to use it as an alternative for product and mail delivery, and even unreachable military bases are using them as a method to deliver tools and supplies. Drones are a very clear indication of a product innovation that has been able to delivery “core competencies in technology/engineering” as well as a product that has been well entrenched into everyday culture, as seen by all the uses that they provide. Drones can also be seen as a business model innovator as it is a product that is taking a lot of risks and is practicing entrepreneurship. According to DMR business statistics, in 2020 there is projected to be 7 million drones in the US, with the drone industry projecting to reach $9 billion.

So clearly there are a lot of recreational and industry benefits with this innovate technology however, there are some issues that may arise from this transition. One of the biggest issues is need to establish regulations as to where, how, and when drones can be used and fly, especially for safety purposes. It is also important to consider the jobs losses that can result from this change as drones can take over all sorts of transportation and delivery services. Last but not least there can also be ethical concerns with the use of drones for military use. For example if a drone goes into a dangerous zone and decides to detonate a bomb on an innocent family while the drone user is safe at home behind a computer screen. So there is a lot of growth potential for this technology in the upcoming future but there needs to be assurance that the pros outweigh the cons for this to be successfully integrated into the global industry.



-Jash Shah




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