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It’s time to reopen some factories and production in the Automobile Industry.

Everyone had to stay home for the past few weeks due to the COVID-19. Lots of people face losing their job in this period. Because the outbreak is under control in several countries such as China, Italy, and other countries, some companies reopened their factories. More corporations plan to resume the industries to let more people go back to their normal life like before the pandemic. Today, the news I would like to share is “Volkswagen Reopens Europe Plants, offering a Vision of the Postvirus Factory.” This news introduces that Volkswagen will restart car plants across Europe next week. Volkswagen will require workers to take their temperatures from home, change into their factory-floor uniforms before arriving, and bring their own lunch. It is challenging for the industry to go back to work because there still has a risk of infection. “We have never developed, built or sold cars in these conditions,” head of Volkswagen’s works council, said in a statement. After factories start to reopen in early March, car production and sales have begun to climb again. In Europe, the data come from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, showing that the end of March had furloughed 1.1 million auto manufacturing workers. Over 42% of workers had been furloughed by this pandemic. Some European carmakers began to restart production. For example, Daimler AG’s Mercedes will restart different workplace in Sweden, Volvo will start working three shifts at its Torslanda plant beginning next Monday.

At the same time, Volkswagen regulates several rules after the worker goes back to work. For example, the worker should bring their lunches and keep social distancing to have lunch at their workstation. In Europe plant, workers are being asked to take temperature and check whether they have symptoms of COVID-19. Workers will enter in a single file, keeping a distance of 6 feet between each other. Workers will wear a face mask and avoid passing tools and materials by hand. Volkswagen’s factories in China operate at 60% to 70% of capacity compared with before the pandemic. Several plants have already reopened in China, while the first European Volkswagen plant to resume operation will be its factory in Bratislava, Slovakia next Monday. Then on next Thursday, Volkswagen’s electric-vehicle plant in Zwickau, in eastern Germany, is set to go back online and begin filling orders for all-electric cars. Volkswagen’s factories in other countries will reopen later on depends on the situation of the pandemic. In the U.S, there is a debate between whether some company or some state should reopen the production. What do you guys think?

Original news link https://www.wsj.com/articles/volkswagen-reopens-europe-plants-offering-a-vision-of-the-post-virus-car-factory-11587140348

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