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Kanye West: Trump Supporter, Musical Genius, or Both?

In November, shortly after Trump was announced to be the next President of the United States, Kanye West exclaimed during his concert in San Jose, California, that he didn’t vote, “but if [he did], [he] would’ve voted [for] trump.”

The crowd let out a giant sigh, mixed with surprise, disappointment, and even some excitement. No one saw this coming. Kanye West is a social activist who has expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement, donated thousands of dollars to the Democratic National Committee, and has openly accused George W. Bush of not caring about black people. Could this really be the same Kanye West who supports Donald Trump? His statements at this concert truly raised ethical issues for Kanye West fans.

During the same rant, Mr. West goes on to say that his support for Trump “don’t mean [he] don’t think Black Lives Matter,” or that he “doesn’t believe in Woman’s rights.” In fact, Mr. West’s actions in the past support these statements. He has openly expressed support for Caitlin Jenner and constantly promotes the end of racism through both his music and merchandise. So what exactly about President Trump does Mr. West support?

It is actually still unclear, as he doesn’t specifically say why in his rant. But one can guess that it’s because Mr. West sympathizes with President Trump’s struggle with the media. Although the media can’t help that President Trump repeatedly performs unethical actions, Mr. West is very much familiar in dealing with backlash from the media. Later, in December, Kanye West met with Donald Trump at the Trump Hotel in New York

Recently, however, Mr. West has deleted all of his tweets defending this meeting. This was shortly after President Trump announced his ban of citizens entering the US from seven countries in the Middle East. Most fans have interpreted this as Mr. West’s disapproval of Donald Trump’s actions as President.

But in the end, Kanye West fans can still hear Mr. West’s words ringing in their ears, well after the concert has ended. “I would’ve voted for Trump.”

So, does deleting these tweets fix the ethical issues surrounding Mr. West in his proclaimed support for Trump? And is it ultimately unethical to love an artist’s music but disapprove of their political stance? Mr. West was clearly attempting to fix an ethical issue in his image to get some fans back, but personally, it didn’t work.

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