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Love – One of the most powerful forces mankind has to deal with


Love – One of the most powerful forces mankind has to deal with

Posted by: Alexa Bottura, April 9th, 2017                                                  

It is mind-blowing how much “love” and “infatuation” can influence anyone at any age. If the person we love disappears, leaves us and/or hurts us, there is no telling the lengths we, as a thinking species will go through to feel better or, in some cases, nothing at all.

A prime and recent example for this theory is Tysen Benz. This 11-year-old boy, from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, hanged himself on the 14th of March. However, what truly made this tragedy spread nation-wide, was the fact that it is believed to be caused by another person’s actions. In fact, a 13-year-old girl, from his same town, is now facing criminal charges for, supposedly, having caused the boy’s suicide by faking her own death.

Media has reported this girl to have been his girlfriend. And becuase, only a couple hours after the girl, using someone else’s Snapchat and texting account, faked her own death during a text conversation, Tysen is said to have killed himself. The name of the girl has not been released, yet she is facing charges from malicious use of telecommunication service to using a computer to commit a crime, which are punishable with juvenile detention.

The reason why the family’s attorney believes these two situations to be related, is becuase the boy, as stated from his mother, appeared happy and relaxed. Only after dinner, when Tysen went to his room, did everything snowball out of porportion. In fact, the boy’s mother, Katrina Goss, said that when she went to tuck her middle boy in for bed, she found him hanging in the closet. And, after three weeks of being hospitalized, the boy died.

In an interview Goss stated “She used her friend’s account to make it even more proof that she’d died. He was so innocent, so kindhearted and so naive that he completely believed her and he took his own life.” He had never been warned about this ill prank.

It is important to raise awareness both of the impact social media can have on kids of that age, and of how malicious and dangerous hoaxes like these are and cyberbullying as a whole. The fact that Snapchat deletes the conversations that two exchange with a quick refresh is actually very scary. In fact, authorities have not been able to recover the conversations exchanged on that platform. Though Goss has tried to make this a community issue, the school the children both attended is, though concerned, not liable or capable of doing much because it happened outside of their grounds.

The Washington Post also brought in statistics about school bullying. In fact, in 2016, “according to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the number of suicides among adolescents have increased dramatically in recent decades. The study found that being a victim of bullying has a “clear relationship” with committing or thinking of committing suicide.” said reporter Kristine Phillips. In addition to this, extreme Internet use can also be a factor in raising the levels of depression and suicidal thoughts.

It is so sad to think that children today are surrounded by this evil. I remember my middle-school and high school crushes. It is harder to get over and comprehend things in those developing years. Especially if the girl or boy you “love” or just care about, tells you they died as a practical joke. It is also very frightening to think that social media and the internet, if used excessively at such a young age, could be a big contributed to depression and suicidal thoughts in young teenagers. These are the formative years in which hormones and strong feelings prevail. It is not a matter that should be taken lightly.


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