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Major Technological Innovation: Self Driving Cars

Brianne Nguyen

Within the past decade, self driving cars have become increasingly popular in modern cars. Some companies, such as Tesla and Uber, have already begun to integrate this concept into their own vehicles. It would protect other drivers from reckless driving. Human mistakes are much more common than software mistakes. Therefore, the number of car accidents would significantly decrease  – especially once all cars become autonomous. Self driving vehicles could also be connected to one another to predict the movement of cars in close proximity. This would further improve road safety. People would no longer have to be concerned about being distracted and causing an accident. Traffic would be less severe, and people would waste less time commuting to work. In addition, cars could be redesigned as office spaces or entertainment spaces. Since drivers would not be forced to waste their time while moving from one place to another, they could optimize their schedule by working during the car ride. Parents could be focused more on their children if they are transporting them to school or after school activities. Eventually, self driving cars could facilitate the transport of children and the elderly. With the correct safety measures in place, autonomous vehicles could potentially eliminate the need for licensed drivers. Nevertheless, there are significant risks to developing self  driving cars. Car companies would be even more liable should a person lose their life in an accident while utilizing the self driving option. There already have been accidents that have set back the developing of autonomous vehicles. For instance, last March, a pedestrian was fatally hit by a self driving Uber car. The car had detected an object on the road, but determined it should not stop, and consequently crashed into a woman. This caused a halt in their progress, and people began questioning the ability for self driving vehicles to really protect its drivers.

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