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Many of the World’s Airline’s May be going Bankrupt due to COVID-19

Air travel has been one of the hardest-hit industries in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Almost immediately after news of the virus became widespread in January, the travel demand to Asia plummeted. As the virus has now spread across continents, to Europe and now the Americas, passenger demand has dropped across the board.

 According to an article from Business Insider, they speak on the financial situation of the airlines in the current pandemic. 

A big question is though we look forward to the end to the global pandemic hopefully in the warmer coming month, will we be rushing to travel on airlines as soon as we have the okay? The article says that there have been trends that many people are delaying in purchasing their tickets for future travel with uncertainty of what months will look like. 

Though President Trump has signed the stimulus bill that included $58 billion aid for airlines, several airlines have already collapsed. It is likely that others will be forced to consolidate or shut down. 

Many airlines that were/are dealing with financial difficulties were only made worse with the onset of COVID-19

Airlines lost

  • Flybe (UK)
  • Trans States Airlines (US)
  • Compass Airlines (US)

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