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Mask Hysteria

A CNN report came out February 29th that claimed that hysteria across the United States has caused people to buy masks in bulk. Both CNN and the New York Times have covered the issue that people are buying masks in bulk and wearing them improperly which can increase your chance of getting Covid19. The drastic increase in demand has led to a shortage of masks for people who need them. Typically, during emergencies companies gouge prices to prevent people from buying the product unnecessarily. People don’t think they’re buying the masks unnecessarily. Large stores like Costco and Target regularly prepare for local emergencies and have more experience with dealing with supply shortages. However, Coronavirus is ongoing and a global issue which causes longer lasting supply issues. 

The Washington Post wrote about how Governments are taking it into their own hands to make sure their health care workers are well equipped to deal with the virus. The French government announced that they will be claiming products for their healthcare workers while the American FDA is allowing health care workers to use construction masks which will protect them of 95% of the particles in the air. The Coronavirus can be fatal and is spreading quicker than originally anticipated, however, currently there are 60 people in the US. Worldwide there are 92,000 people who have contracted the virus and more than half of them have already recovered. Spreading fear unnecessarily isn’t preventative, instead we should take proactive measures by washing our hands and not traveling to affected areas.

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