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McDonald’s in China Renames as Golden Arches

Can anyone come up with a brand when you heard Golden Arches? Recently, Global fast-food giant McDonald’s has officially changed its name in China to Golden Arches. The previous name of the company in China was Maidanglao, which is a Chinese interpretation of “McDonald’s. The decision was made after McDonald’s sold parts of its China business to a new company that plans to expand to about 4,500 locations throughout the location. There are currently around 2,500 locations.

Though a spokesperson tells that “the name change only applies to the chain’s business registration and that restaurants’ branding will stay the same.” The new name change seems to confused people in China. Some social media users joked that Golden Arches “sounds like a furniture store.” Another described it as “rustic”.

Since entered the Chinese market in 1990, McDonald’s has become one of the retail food service industry leader. McDonald’s as a symbol of American culture, is still popular among Chinese people, McDonald’s seems to be a cultural ambassador, played an important role through the process of cultural communication.

As far as I am concerned, an important reason why many Chinese people feel difficult to accept “Golden Arches” is because people not only eat food in McDonald’s, they enjoy the feeling of heterogeneous cultural consumption. This kind of feeling bring by foreign food is the difficult to meet for the image of Chinese localization. You can imagine, if “McDonald’s” store name changed to “Gold Arches”, then its taste may be that taste, but people’s tastes is no longer the taste of the past.


Article from: http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/26/news/companies/mcdonalds-china-name-change/index.html

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