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MGMT – 201 New’s Talk #1 – Over Exploitation of Fossil Fuels Could Cause Rise in Sea Level

With the rapid exploitation of fossil fuels, a new study “predicts that 200 feet of sea level will rise if all fossil fuels are burned.”

The Journal of Science Advances, whom published this article, believes that if we use up all fossil fuels, all of the ice on Earth would melt and therefore causing the ocean to rise 200 feet in total. If this were to happen, many of the major cities in the world (i.e. Rome, Tokyo, New York) would be at risk for these massive sea level rises.

However, this study doesn’t have to become our future. Instead of “hunting for more fossil fuels” perhaps we can hunt for a more reusable energy resource or reduce our reliance on fossil fuels as a whole.

The Paris Climate Summit, where global leaders and scientists gather to discuss climate change, is quickly approaching. With this, many leaders will discuss their concern with the rising sea level and reliance on fossil fuels.

Companies such as BMW, Tesla, Chevrolet and Toyota are taking a position on this issue by producing and innovating fuel efficient hybrid vehicles and electric-only powered vehicles. This initiative will benefit not only the environment but the corporations’ corporate social responsibility.


Caroline A.B. Lynch


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