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Microsoft Goes Carbon Negative

This month, Antarctica hit its warmest temperature ever recorded. It was 65 degrees Fahrenheit, about 30 degrees warmer than it was in Washington, DC. This irregular fluctuation in climate has been due to, in large part, the rapid acceleration of climate change. Industry has been a large contributor to climate change, accounting for over half of pollution. In Michael Kan’s article on Entrepreneur.com, he discussed recent display of thought leadership at the corporate level. Microsoft announced that they would be cutting their carbon emissions significantly. Not only will they aim to be carbon neutral, but they will go further to be carbon negative by 2030. The notion of carbon negativity itself is new to the private sector, making Microsoft the largest company to announce carbon negativity plans. Microsoft representatives made a note that carbon neutrality is not enough to address the worlds needs. They additionally are looking to erase their historical carbon footprint by the year 2050. Corporations, especially those that are financially capable, have a duty to their stakeholders, including their communities and the environment. They have a social responsibility to uphold the integrity of their stakeholders. Microsoft’s announcement makes a significant stride in the effort to uphold that integrity.

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