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Millennials in the workplace

An article called “You’ve Got Millennial Employees All Wrong; Here Are the Four Things You Need to Know” came out the other day talking about how millennials want to be treated in the workplace.  The author Micah Solomon says, “Millennial employees represent the best-educated (the most schooling, the highest SAT scores, computer coding and other advanced skills learned as early as middle school) and most thoughtfully-raised (more about that below) cohort in history. And, regardless of whether you agree with this assessment of millennial employees, you’d best get used to them being around; it’s predicted that by 2025 three quarters of workers globally will be millennials.” Each generation brings different value and techniques into the work force but the Millennials aren’t in a comfortable situation.153681171ft

The first issue is millennials want to share responsibility and it is the company’s job to help them. Millennials are used to people giving them options and receiving punishments when they are wrong all of their life so they feel like it is unethical to excuse them from this learning experience. Millennials want to feel involved in the company and want to take responsibility when things don’t go as planned. It is best to start with having millennials take responsibility for small things in the beginning. This will keep the millennials engaged and dedicated to the business. On the flip side millennials need to realize that they are not going to be the boss on day they need to work with the business to compromise to get to a level of work suitable for the employee. This will give them room to grow to eventually become the boss if they please.


The second issue is employers have to support their desire for work/ life balance. Millennials are at the time in their life where they are busy all the time and they don’t want to sacrifice their social life for their work and vice versa.  In this instance it is important to make compromises with the employers so that they know that you have other interest besides work. The article says, “It’s been argued that millennials’ inclination in this regard relates to them having watched their boomer parents delay happiness in return for career advancement, a worldview they’re not willing to buy into for themselves. Regardless of the reason for this attitude, it needs to be taken into consideration by employers today.” This is important because you are being ethical to your employees and respecting them.


The third issue is letting millennials work for an ethic organization. The easiest way to fix this issue is to just be an ethical company. This is really important because if you are ethical people will want to work for you and you will be respected. The article says, “The extent to which you can satisfy these concerns will determine a significant part of your success in recruiting and retaining your pick of employees.” It is important to be ethical to satisfy your customers and your employees.


The fourth issue is that millennials want feedback. They want to be told what to improve upon. Throughout school we are also given feedback to improve and millennials want this in the workplace as well. The solution to this give proper feedback to the employees that will improve them so they can be a better employee and be more successful. The article says, “One recently-hired millennial told me ‘this was the first time in my life that nobody cared about the quality of my work–or if they actually did care, I couldn’t tell.  The quality of my work could be great, or just o.k.; the response I received was the same either way.’” This is unethical to jeopardize the employees learning experience and help them to better their career.



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