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Misuse of Facebook Live

A 15-year-old girl missing since Sunday, March 19th was found after being sexually assaulted- by a group that streamed the act on Facebook Live.

There were about 40 people who viewed the live video, but nobody contacted the police or flagged the video. The police were notified of the attack when the mother of the girl reported the incident and reported screenshots of the live stream. During the investigation, the superintendent of the police department ordered investigators to ask Facebook to remove the video and they did. Facebook refused to answer questions about the incident. Facebook claims it has procedures for dealing with sensitive content on live streams. This is not the first time Facebook live was misused.  This is the second incident in Chicago. Just last month, a white man with a mental health condition was beaten to death by a group of African Americans. This incident was also streamed on Facebook live and was used against the men in court.

The girl was found walking near her home the day after her mother reported the screenshots of the attack. The girl claims she knows one of the attackers, but the police are questioning several people. Investigators are discussing legal procedures with Facebook and how to prevent future incidents.

Original Article titled ” Chicago Gang Rape Teen Streamed on Facebook Live” http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/03/21/chicago-gang-rape-teen-streamed-facebook-live/99447884/



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