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Mobike opens its US market in Washington DC

Recently, have you noticed that some orange bicycles appeared on the streets of Washington, DC? These bicycles are owned by a Chinese company called Mobike which is one of the world’s largest smart bike-sharing companies, rode into its first US city – Washington DC.

Different from Capital Bikeshare, Mobile is dockless and provides a much cheaper prices, it only costs $1 to rent for 30 minutes. If you want to rent a Mobike, you need to download a Mobike App on your phone and then it can helps you to find a nearby Mobike and scan its QR code to unlock and ride. Every Mobike is equipped with GPS technology to leverage real-time trip and city data to better serve users and cities.

Since Mobike fist lunched its service in Shanghai, April 2016, it has expanded to 8 countries including 180 cities globally. The company now operates more than 7 million smart bikes and supports about 25 million rides every day.

I think this kind of smart bike-sharing system like Mobike gives Washington DC residents a new alternative way of transportation with low costs. The Washington subway is the second most busy metro system in the United States, behind the New York subway. The input of Chinese smart sharing bikes may help to reduce the traffic congestion in Washington DC.

So, what kind of impacts do you think that smart- sharing bikes like Mobike might bring to the public transportation system in the United States?


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