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My Life Within Globalization

There are many facets to globalization but the one that affects our daily lives the most is the internet and social media. According to the Global Web Index, about fifty percent of the world population has access to the internet. Of that fifty percent, thirty seven percent have active social media accounts. This is probably the most impactful way globalization has affected me. I am constantly using Facebook and WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends from other countries or friends that are visiting other countries and use the internet to read world news that might affect me or my investments.

Globalization has allowed people to immigrate quicker and for less money. I have immediate and extended family that live outside of the United States and more of my immediate family would like to move as well. Globalization has allowed my family to visit each other more often than ever before and to keep in touch better. Globalization has made companies change the way they operate especially if they want to be a part of the larger economy. This has allowed my father to retain his job here in the United States while living abroad.

Globalization has helped the United States in some ways and hurt the US in other ways. One way that the United States has benefited is their capability to sell arms to other nations. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, currently the US accounts for thirty three percent of world exported arms. This brings lots of money to the US and helps our allies on the ground, air, and sea. However, globalization has provided American companies with cheap materials and labor outside the US lowering the amount of available jobs here in the US.


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