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Netflix Goes Out

Netflix is a part of many people’s everyday lives. It’s one of the causes that pushed Blockbuster, the home video provider, out of business. There is a recorded amount of approximately 80 million members. This is a technology that affects society, in which some people come back home from work or school and just want to watch movies and series, while at the same time relaxing. According to an article posted on October 2nd in CNN Money, “a binge watcher’s average watch time in Netflix for a day is 2 hours and 10 minutes” (Wattles 2016). There was an outage reported by Netflix on the afternoon of Saturday October 1st. Because this issue involved technology it affected many people in that society and they turned over to Twitter in order to express themselves about this problem. A Saturday afternoon filled with screen entertainment is kind of sacred for some people because it’s something that they can do without having much plans, and when they can’t get that they become offended. When one problem occurs with one technology the society turns to another to entertain themselves. Twitter reported more than 13,000 posts from users all over the world Saturday afternoon. Each person out of those 13,000 that posted on Twitter had a complaint because of this outage. At the end even though Netflix had this issue that affected many of its users, those users will probably continue to use this system because of how overrated it is. How many hours on a regular Saturday would you say you use Netflix for entertainment?


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