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Back in March 2014, General Motors recalled 1.37 million cars due to a faulty key ignition. These keys can accidently move of out the run position shutting of the engine and damaging components in the vehicle. The NHTSA recorded 31 accidents and 13 deaths. The problem with GM is that these key ignitions affected the ’03-’07 models, but weren’t recalled until March 2014. The ethical questions that rose were: “What did GM executives know, When did they know it, and Did they move as quickly as the law requires to issue a full recall of the ignition keys?” CEO Marry Barra has been put under a huge test. Can she save GM and rebuild their reputation? A similar case to this one was Toyota’s problem with the acceleration. They didn’t recall their vehicles until December 2012. They settled the lawsuit with an amount of 1.1 billion dollars. IN a business the most important thing is that your products have quality and that it is safe for your consumers.


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