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News Talk 2 UNC Scandal

In November 2009 there was word spreading that the  academic counselors were charged with increasing the grades of the football players from North Carolina University. There was a detailed 131 page report created by Kenneth Wainstein  stating that 3100 students received A’s and B’s in nonexistent classes in the African American studies department. The counselors held meetings with the football coaches to reveal to them that their students were taking fraudulent classes. They put them in classes that met degree requirements to help the kids stay eligible to play. Some of these courses were independent study in which they didn’t have to meet. Others were scheduled lectures to meet a at specific time but never did.

This is unethical because the school was lying to the NCAA in which their students were taking the right amount of classes and attending them on a consistent basis. They are also cheating the students because most go to class but they give passes to certain students due to them being athletes.



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