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Apple has created a myriad of products that have affected our lives in many way. From their phones to their tablets, Apple always seeks to innovate and enhance our experience with their technology. As Apple continue to evolve, their product line expands. Apple looks to launch their first electronic car by 2019.  This development is known as project Titan, and it is reported that around 600 employees are working on the car. Reports surface that Apple is creating the car in a secret lab in either Vienna or Berlin. The timing for this project is impeccable According to Bloomberg New Energy, after 2024 sales of electronic vehicles are expected to skyrocket. While EV’s make up only a small fragment of sales now, by 2040 that number will rise to 35%.


I believe this is important because despite all of the success Apple has already attained, the people behind closed doors are still looking to expand their product line and their influence all over the world. Not everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet, so people who are part of that category do not necessarily understand the magnitude of the benefits of their products. People who are environmentally friendly will clearly gravitate towards the product, or at least be curious. Also people who want to experience Apple products but are not owners of a smartphone or tablet will find this intriguing. Most definitely, people who are fans of the automobile industry will begin to see Apple in a different lens. Apple is just evolving. Creating this electronic car would segment a whole different area of the population. I believe part of a business is constantly evolving and trying to have a good relationship with the organizations and people outside of it. News of this invention is just evidence that Apple is always looking to grow and have a positive impact on our lives. I believe that should be a staple for any business. It should always be about the consumer, and Apple clearly understands that. Creators are thinking outside the box, and I think this will generate a strong response both financially and socially. After all, a big part of maintaining success is being both socially and financially responsible. Apple strives to excel in that regard, which makes it a staple for an excellent business.

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