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Nissan Builds Roadmap for the Future

The automotive industry has been hit by the coronavirus, as has all business. However, in certain areas, it might be time for a return. Nissan has started to plan for the coming months. Nissan said that coming April 27th, they would resume manufacturing in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Russia. This is a trend I expect will be followed by other automobile manufacturers as coronavirus limitation efforts begin to bear fruit in Europe. Cases and deaths have started to decrease in Europe, and the automotive industry can start to work towards a return to normalcy. Cars have a good shelf life, so the automotive industry gets a leg up on other consumer-goods industries. While it won’t be an immediate return to how things were, as demand will be slow to increase again, it is a good sign for things to come. Nissan will be following preventative measures to keep workers safe and healthy, but circumstances permitting, will be able to slowly ease them. This piece of good news will hopefully help you all get through these trying times.

This relates to this class as I focus on the automotive industry. It is important to focus on the positives within the industry, and this article was helpful in illustrating the fact that this virus will hopefully be temporary.


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