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Nordic Countries Most Committed to Development

Denmark, Sweden and Finland are several of the happiest and most generous countries in the world. These three countries top this year’s Commitment to Development index. The index is an annual ranking of 27 of the wealthiest nations in the world determined by how well their polices help people in developing countries. The Commitment to Development index takes into account seven measures: aid, finance, technology, trade, environment, security, and migration. Globalization places a huge role in the index since the wealthy countries are sharing their success with developing countries. People in Nordic countries are known to be the most generous, by giving a large share of their incomes to international aid efforts and supporting government and business investments in developing countries. Finland, Denmark, and Norway are the top three countries in the area of Finance. Finance is measured by government policies that promote transparency and investment in developing countries. From these three countries direct investments benefit a developing nation in many ways such as; infrastructure, transportation, energy, and boosts its economy. Ian Mitchell, the study’s lead author and the CGD’s European economic and developmental policies expert, said, “It’s important to look at broad policy items, he adds because countries may score particular well in general indicators such as aid, and more poorly in others, including environmental and technology”.

Norway and Luxemburg give a great share of their nation income to foreign aid, 1.11 and 1 percent. Denmark is the top country for aid and security with .75 percent of its nation’s income given to aid because its aid is more effective then the other countries.

Overall this year, most countries improved their score in technology, trade and environment, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing climate commitments. The United States is ranked 24th because of its low gasoline taxes and high greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. scored highest in trade and security, but low in scores for finance and aid.

The U.S. continued to affect its ranking when President Trump signed an executive order banning Washington from helping pay women in developing countries for birth control, abortion, and family planning education. The Netherlands quickly announced the creation of an international fund to help offset the withdrawal. This is a prime example of globalization within the countries helping others in need. Every year these ranks rapidly change depending on how each country is improving their development goals.


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