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On Cloud Nine: Uber and Airbus partnering to develop helicopter service


According to a new article published by the Los Angeles Times Uber plans to integrate a luxury helicopter system into their service. A new partnership between Uber and Airbus would allow Uber to use helicopters in a similar manner as their current car service. They plan to use the service this week at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

The service will be available to anyone using Uber in the area of Salt Lake City. It will take 15 minutes to run between Salt Lake City and Park City where the film festival is being held. The service will cost approximately $200 at day and $300 at night. Uber had a similar idea in 2013 after partnering with a New York helicopter service during the Fourth of July. The service has partnered several times to provide air service. Now Uber is reaching to the skies to connect with their customers.

The move allows Uber to expand on the business side and on the customer side. They will be able to appeal to customers who want a more luxorious experience being in the skies. By partnering with other businesses Uber can now have a wider distribution network.

This one partnership surely isn’t the first as it is representative of other ventures by Uber. Beyond the United States, Uber has provided rickshaw service in India and boats in Turkey. Here we can see a very successful business and how they excel by spreading their service across all demands. Ultimately the connections between the firm and its stakeholders have developed into successful partnerships.

Uber has been able to correctly identify its stakeholders and customers demands which creates a successful business model.

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