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Personal Impacts of Globalization

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I could find many aspects of my life that are possible all due to globalization. These could even be details as small as my commute to work every day that I make using an old 1998 Toyota Corolla, a Japanese made car that my family was able to purchase in the US without ever needing to know where it came from. I could make the same type of example with the fast food I occasionally eat or the groceries I buy. Companies like Walmart and McDonalds have made it possible for me to pay low prices or take advantage of innovative convenience because of globalization, along with offering the same advantages to the rest of the world.

The impact on my family could be spun in a negative way, although I don’t feel that it is an issue. My dad and some of his brothers are small business owners that provide goods to localized consumers mostly within the east coast. You could argue that they could be losing business due to globalization if a customer of theirs starts buying the same type of goods from a non-American based company.

I feel that it can be argued in different ways, but I can see how globalization could be good for the US. As explained deeper by Hans Roslings in the video posted, although some countries are poorer and sicker than others, all the countries over time have seemed to move towards health and wealth through globalization. For example the US life expectancy went from 68 to 79 from 1950-2015 and the life expectancy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the same time period went from 38 to 59. Even though DROC was always less than the US it still increased, and part of that could be attributed through shared technology from globalization.

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