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Perspectives on Globalization

Julien A. Carsky

ENES 464

Globalization: An Evolving Concept

Globalization, in broad terms, is a process by which there is an influx of communication and mobility, transferring human, cultural, ideological and technological capital, throughout the world. The word “Globalization” has a tendency to paint a picture of the more current spread of Apple, Ikea, H&M and so many other companies that have expanded to become international corporations. However, the fiery chilli pepper, which is native to central and South America, is a much more ancient example of globalization. According to National Geographic, Christopher Columbus first introduced the pepper to Europe in 1493, and from there it spread across Asia through trade.

Globalization is capable of providing job opportunities to people in nations where job stability is scarce. It is able to create tremendous wealth in a country lacking resources. However, it has also led to global disparities such as wealth inequality and threats to national security. Having grown up in Benin, a country where globalization is slow, I’ve found that it has given a lot of opportunity for my relatives to start their own small businesses, without having to compete with these big global corporations. At the same time, there is no doubt that the lack of globalization in my home country also contributes to unemployment.

Globalization has played a key role in making the United States one of the leading powers of this world. According to the Department of Labor, US trade increased significantly in the postwar period, from 7% of the world’s GDP to 17.1% in 1993. Through technological advancements, trade, and an influx of multi-billion dollar American companies rising to the global stage, this country has influenced all other populations. It has shared with the world that anyone can make it in the US, as long as they persistently chase the American dream.

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