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Globalization: Asian countries and the U.S

Globalization definitely affect my daily life. There are a lot of companies that expand their business to other countries, which makes my life easy. For example, as a Japanese customer, my life in the U.S is easy because I can buy Japanese products in the U.S. In addition, globalization allows us to get products in cheaper prices. Some clothes are made in China or in Vietnam, so that companies to make the products with cheaper prices. I think that globalization significantly Asian countries. As an example, China significantly increased GDP. China’s foreign direct investments significantly increased from 2008. It was 52 billion dollars. Technology and new market opportunities allows Asian countries business to grow and give benefits to Asian economics. The growth of Asian economics significantly affects the life of my family because we are from Japan.

The U.S does not have benefits of globalization like Asian countries. However, I believe that globalization is good for the U.S. First reason is that U.S companies can have a lot more customers. The population in Asian is high, so that the U.S companies can expand customers. McDonalds is one successful example. McDonalds expanded the business worldwide and makes a lot of profits such as in France and in Japan. Second, the U.S became a place to expand the business from other countries. Many people from other countries come to the U.S and study, which allows the U.S companies to hire high skilled international workers. It is not always good to be globalize because companies have to compete with other companies from different countries and may struggle. However, it is good for the customers because they have more options and can choose what they want.


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