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Playing Animal Crossing when we are quarantined

In the past three weeks, millions of people around the world have been forced into quarantine at home against the coronavirus, a large number of them found a game called Animal Crossing, a Nintendo cartoon game.

During the coronavirus, social interaction in real life was restricted and blocked, and this game provides a virtual social interaction that is very similar to the real-life environment. This supplement enhances the dependence of players on animal crossing. So we can see that Social Distancing Brings More Consumers Online.

if you want to play this game, you need to have a Nintendo Switch. The $300 Nintendo Switch and $200 Nintendo Switch lite sold 390,000 units on release day and another 280,000 units the following week, Japan accounts for about 20% of the game’s total sales.

The release of ” Animal Crossing ” helped to reverse Nintendo’s stock price decline in March, and quell doubts about the release of the game since the Chinese factory shut down for two months. That led to a global surge in Switch demand and a shortage of supply. The big question is that the coronavirus has dealt a blow to Nintendo’s production chain, and shortages have hampered sales in some areas for two weeks.

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