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Playing Dirty: Uber’s Lack of Business Ethics

While Uber continues to grow and become a more popular form of transportation, the company is known to be lacking in the area pertaining to the ethical behavior that is expected of all companies in today’s society.

As Uber attempts to gain complete control over the “car-on-demand market,” they try to eliminate their main competition, Lyft, which offers the exact same app-ordered car, through tactics that are viewed as morally and ethically wrong. Lyft has provided information that Uber employees have ordered and cancelled “more than 5,000 Lyft rides since October of 2013.” This wastes Lyft employees’ time as well as encourages customers to order an Uber rather than wait for Lyft to become available.

Tampering with competition continues for Uber as they forbid their employees to drive for both Uber and Lyft, saying that it is against city regulations in New York. Although at the company’s creation a code of conduct was established, Uber should have gone further in making company policies as well as ethics and compliance training for employees.

Source: https://www.tnwinc.com/9334/uber-needs-business-ethics-training/

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