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Privacy concerns Ring Amazon


Amazon recently acquired Ring a smart doorbell company. The company currently has very simple features such as video and audio in the camera outside of the door of the house. Since Amazon bought it in 2018 for 1 billion dollars, they have done a series of surveys to gather feedback from customers that already use this product in order to upgrade it based on customers’ demands. Some of the most desired features gathered from these surveys are more technological than normal. People would like to have new features in their products such as facial recognition scanning. People in the surveys claim that they would like to be notified when a familiar face appears on the camera in front of the house door. As well as being notified when an unfamiliar face shows up. These are safety measures to be aware of who’s coming to your front step. For example, a mother that works from 9 am to 5 pm would be notified when their children get back home from school. Or on the other side, if someone unfamiliar tries to approach your door. The company is also considering the possibility of using a plate recognition software in case of crimes committed. This is controversial because the last feature explained is mostly owned by state-owned agencies to enforce road security, tickets, and tolls.

           The addition of these features could also face privacy concerns since Ring has partnered with almost 1200 agencies around the country such as police departments, security agencies, fire departments, and more. So, is debatable if the government agencies should have access to this type of information

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