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R u an Entrepreneur?

Many people dream about being the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. But not everyone becomes a successful entrepreneur. What does it take besides brains, hard work, capital and loads of luck? There are personality markers in an individual that might offer clues of an entrepreneurial streak that might be lurking underneath a bank teller, engineer, truck driver or anyone for that matter. Research studies have shown that certain psychological traits are better suited for the tough, challenging road to becoming an entrepreneur. Prof. Martin Obschonka – a Ph.D. psychologist in Saarland University, Germany who studies entrepreneurship in different regions of the world refers to them as the “Big Five” traits.

  1. Extraversion : outgoing, energetic
  2. Conscientiousness : efficient, organized
  3. Openness : inventive, creative, open to new experiences
  4. Agreeableness : friendly, compassionate
  5. Neuroticism : sensitive, nervous

Research shows that an entrepreneurial constellation of these “Big Five” characterizes many successful entrepreneurs.

Take the 10-minute diagnostic and find out your particular score on the “Big Five.” Bear in mind a high score does not guarantee entrepreneurial success, neither is a low score a predictor of failure. A high score merely suggests that there is a higher probability that your individual personality structure signals a certain “talent” for entrepreneurial activities – people who score lower can nevertheless become entrepreneurs but might invest more in their skills and networks, which co-develop via an interplay with one’s personality structure.

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