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Refugee Crisis Relief Aid

From: (http://www.ibtimes.com/refugee-crisis-2015-donations-google-goldman-sachs-sports-teams-individuals-pledge-2095687)



Goldman Sachs, along with other companies like H&M, Zara and Audi have gone to great lengths to protect and ensure the safety of Syrian refugees by donating millions of dollars to the UNHCR.

  • Germany’s Bayern Munich has pledged a 1.1 million dollar investment to set up a facility to house refugees immigrating through Germany
  • Audi has also pledged to donate 1.1 million dollars told international aid organizations
  • Google/Tech30 has given 1.1 million to aid relief organizations
  • Uber is partnering with Save the Children to collect clothing and toys for children crossing Europe’s borders

Other businesses like hotel tycoons are offering free housing within various hotel locations. The mass migration of refugees that are evading war, poverty and famine will not help alleviate the issues in Syria, however. I believe some form of action needs to take place in order for the problem in Syria to be solved.




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